Friday, October 9, 2009

Bare Escentuals The Surprise collection

I will admit I am a sucker for kits. I love the idea of someone picking out colors that go together for me and selling them in a kit. Which brings us to Bare Escentuals The Surprise collection. It is brand new this October, and is exclusive to the boutiques and online store. Bare Escentuals has for the last few years, put together kits that are exclusive to their primary retailers. The Surprise is exclusive to the boutiques, The Happiness collection is exclusive to Sephora and Ulta will have an exclusive kit that doesn't appear on their website yet.

I purchased The Surprise this year for 2 reasons, I really liked the eye colors in this kit and the brushes are not duplicates for me. Happiness has a pretty lip color that tempted me, but I did not need another Flawless Definition mascara (I have 2 tubes already that I haven't even tried!). Now, on to the fabulous colors in this kit...
• Secret Radiance All-Over Face Color
• Spellbound Eyecolor (a pale pink)
• Surreal Eyecolor (a shimmery taupe)
• Suspense Liner Shadow (they describe as "inky teal", I would call it charcoal or graphite)
• Intrigue Blush (rose)
• Double-Ended Natural Lipgloss in Brilliance & Angel Food Cake (both are peachy / nude)
• Soft Sweep Cheek Brush
• Tapered Crease Defining Brush
• Line Diffuser Brush
I have some swatches here. I didn't swatch the blush since I likely will not use it and will try to sell it on eBay or give it away. I am not in love with the blushes, they are pretty - but I find them difficult to apply evenly and way too time consuming. I really like compact blushes, so I usually sell or give away the blushes in these kits. In fairness, if you like the blushes - this one is a really pretty soft rose shade.

The shadows appear to be very finely milled and are almost silky smooth when applying them. I really like how soft they are, both in shade and texture. Spellbound is a very pale pink with just a touch of shimmer. I like it, though I think it could be used wet to get more punch from the color. The Surreal color is an awesome neutral color and blends easily in the crease with the sweet fluffy dome brush in this kit. The Surprise Radiance is a fabulous neutral shimmer that I just love along the neckline and décolletage. Yes, you can use the Radiances on your face as well; they make great highlighters along the cheekbones. I had heard good things about the Line Diffuser brush that pushed me towards this kit. I like to apply BE liners dry (many do this wet - I find it too intense for my pale coloring) so I like a brush that can push the color onto my lower lash line either in a smooth line, or a little smudgy depending on my mood. This brush is just perfect for either, and is about to replace my Heavenly Liner brush. The Suspense liner is a nice charcoal shade (almost teal) with just a hint of shimmer as well. The lip glosses are interesting, it's the Natural lip gloss (not the Buxom) and it's a nice gloss without being too sticky. One is a rich nude and the other is a very sheer glittery peach. I like the nude shade, but the glittery one is almost gritty and it's not my favorite.

One last little thing about this kit are the jar lids and brush handles, they are a lovely dark pink color and add some fun to the kit and my makeup bag. Overall, I'd give it a B+ since the lip glosses are so close in color, I would have liked a pink toned and a peach toned one rather than both being peachy / nude. I think its great every day kit that can be sassed up for night by using Surreal on the lids and the Suspense liner shade as a crease / outer corner shade.

Available online and in the Bare Escentuals Boutiques


  1. I think I may have to put this on my list! I love those brushes and the colors.

  2. The brushes are really good ones. I love all 3, use that as my blush brush all the time and the little liner brush kicks! Thought you might enjoy this one. ;)


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