Friday, October 2, 2009

Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara

Mascara is my go-to product, if I am leaving the house on a quick trip I reach for the mascara before leaving. It is my staple in every look, and I have tried so many different ones in the last few years. I probably have a top 5 list just in my makeup drawer alone. This doesn't count the tubes I get as samples from ordering online. So I thought I would start what will become a massive list of sweet mascara's.

You should know my requirements for good mascara up front. Your list may be different than mine which could change your view on any mascara that I review.
  1. I like BLACK. My eyes are one of my best features, so I like them to stand out.
  2. My lashes are long and thick but pale. I want my mascara to enhance both length and volume.
  3. DOES NOT FLAKE OR SMUDGE. Seriously, I have very oily lids and many types of mascara either smudge on my lids or flake off.

Bourjois Paris mascara in Volume Glamour Ultra Black is fabulous every day mascara for those who don't want to spend department store prices on their eyelashes. As the name says, it enhances the volume of your lashes and is a deep black. I also find that my second coat does a nice job of lengthening so my lashes look both thick and long. No spider lashes here, the brush is thin and the bristles thickly packed so they do a great job of separating the lashes. I am not a fan of big poofy mascara brushes because they apply mascara to my lids as well as my lashes (a trusty Q-Tip resolves this, but it is an annoying extra step). This one is skinny which makes it easy to be accurate in your application. It also lets you get those tiny little lashes that can be hard to reach with big brushes. This mascara lasts all day and there is no smudging or flaking. It's not waterproof, so don't wear it in the pool or to the sappy chick flick at the multiplex.

I'm now on my second tube of this great mascara, and will continue to use it due to its affordable price ($13.50) for what feels like a luxury mascara. Please let me know if you love this product, or if you have suggestions. I'm always looking for a new mascara to try!

This mascara is available at Ulta, where they always have coupons making this product even more affordable.

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