Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bare Escentuals Beautiful in Pearls

In case you missed it last week, Bare Escentuals was on QVC with their new kit Beautiful in Pearls. This is a QVC exclusive, which will have 3 more similar kits produced through the next year. I am a complete sucker for these kits, I love the color co-ordination and they always have a special touch. This one is Pearls. Everything in the kit has a pearly look and is very luminescent. So, being a sucker I bought it and the auto-delivery of the other kits. I have sent ones back that I didn't like before, so I fully expect that to happen again - but it's such a good price that I can't refuse.

The kit consists of:
  • Flawless Definition Mascara (seriously been in the last 3 kits, I've got 3.5 tubes now which includes a mini-tube)
  • New Big & Bright Mineral Eyeliner Pencil
  • Blush - Precious Pearl
  • 2 eye shadows - Blissful Pearl, Magnificent Pearl
  • 100% Natural Lip gloss - Sugared Strawberry
  • Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil
  • 3 brushes - Precision Eye Defining, Tapered Blush, Flawless Application
Since my last 3 kits included Flawless Mascara, I decided I better crack open one of the tubes and try it. This is pretty good stuff. I have yet to like any of BE's mascara's until now. The brush is one of those rubber pronged ones, and I like it. The formula is pretty similar to Cover Girl Lash Blast. I was able to get both volume and length out of it while there was no smudging. I think I will actually use these mascara's so that was a huge plus for me (no mascara buying for a while).

The pencil liner didn't thrill me. First it is black, really black and I don't love black liner. Second, it's a little smudgy on oily skin. It would do better with a primer underneath. Third, the only way I like black liner is on my waterline (yes, I know - not the best idea - but I am a child of the 70's which puts me in high school in the 80's, need I say more?). This did not stay on the waterline, and made my eyes water quite a bit. So for me, the liner is pretty ho-hum.

The blush is a pretty dusty pink shade, but again I don't love BE blushes so it will go up on eBay eventually (my eBay stack is growing; I should probably do something about that). I didn't open it - but it looks like a very pretty color and will have some sheen with the pearls in it.

Now the eye shadows are really pretty. There are 2 in the kit and the base shadow Blissful Pearl is just a wonderful pinky peach color that could be an easy daytime swipe on the lids and go. The other shade, Magnificent Pearl - I haven't quite pinpointed yet but it's darn lovely. The kit describes it as charcoal taupe. These are not sparkly, but definitely shimmery. The picture does not do them justice (wobbly shooting). They also blend quite nicely and look sharp together.

The lip gloss is a nice pink color that I like, but it's pretty sheer and it's not a Buxom so it doesn't stay quite as well. But it is moisturizing and looks pretty, especially on top of a pink lipstick. It also has a Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil finishing powder, which I do really like especially for parties. It's not glittery, but enough shimmer to feel like you're going to a special event without feeling like a disco ball.

The brushes are decent, and if you don't have a contour brush yet - be happy. This brush is awesome if you stink at doing contour colors. It's angled so that you put the tip into the crease and have the angled part facing upward against the upper part of your lid. Then swipe like a windshield wiper back and forth from the middle of your eye to the outer part. See Makeup Geek for awesome videos on how to apply eye shadows, and this brush will make you look like an expert!

Overall it's a good kit at a good price. I don't love it like I did the Surprise kit - but it's nice overall kit if you want a complete look-in-a-box for those who are pink inclined. QVC and Bare Escentuals do a great job with these, and the pricing is affordable. Definitely worth a look.


  1. What is a waterline? Looks like a great kit!

  2. I like this is one too. I have the jewel collection on my Christmas list:)

  3. Threw down the kit (minus the liner pencil) last night, and I really like the smokey contour color, made a great liner on my lower lashes as well as a smokey eye contour. Really nice kit and more sophisticated than it looks initially.
    Jacks - water line = inner rim of eye


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