Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay's Primer Potion is just magic for anyone who has trouble with creasing / smearing eye shadows.

I got a tiny vial of the stuff as a freebie at Sephora over 2 years ago. I had no idea what it was, but thought - okay, I will try this and see what it does. So I took it on a Las Vegas trip in the middle of August (can you say HOT?) because I knew I would be using lots of eye shadows that week. Well, not a crease, not a smear, nothing but perfect eyes all evening / night long. My eyes are so oily that I usually crease within 2 hours of doing up my makeup. Well, this stuff was like a miracle.

My final trial of it was the wedding of 2 very good friends, where I knew I needed my makeup to look spectacular for well over 8 hours. It was shortly after the Vegas trip, and I hadn't really used it since then. I figured it would be worth a shot to get at least 6 hours out of it and I brought my eye colors with me to touch up prior to the reception. Well, no eye touch up needed - and I couldn't believe it! All I touched up that day was my powder and blush. Off to Sephora I went to purchase the full sized tubes.

It comes in 2 different colors now, original and Sin. I like the both, but they serve different purposes for me. If I have a whole eye in mind, I use the original nude shade. This stuff is like glue for shadows and can be sticky so you have to place your shadow on before you can blend it. I use the trick of applying a little Bare Escentuals Well Rested (any matte nude shadow will do) after applying the Primer Potion so that when I go to blend whatever colors I want that day, they apply and blend a little easier because the Well Rested took away the "stickiness". It's not really sticky to the touch, just to eye shadow - after all, it's meant to anchor the stuff to your eye lid. With a nude base over the Potion, I can blend to my heart’s content and don't have to worry so much about "placing" the shadow on my lids. The Sin shade is a shimmery nude shade and works great as a base for any shimmery look you want to do, you'll get the added bonus of the shimmer from the Potion if you choose an all over color. I like to use Sin when I'm doing a nude or pink look and want that as my base / all over eye color and the just put a crease or lid color over it.

I will say the packaging leave a bit to be desired, as those curvy tubes are impossible to get the entire product out with the wands. There are videos all over the internet explaining how to cut the tube open and scrape out and store the product that is still in the tube just when you think it's empty. It's worth consideration when purchasing, but this product is completely worth the hassle. I cannot believe how well it works and can vouch that not even the oiliest of eye lids can make this product budge. As a caution, it can be drying to those with dry or sensitive eyes. Too Faced makes a nice primer that I will review at some point, it's not nearly as drying.

Urban Decay can be found here amongst other retailers:
Urban - Friends and Family sale through November 20th, code FNFW1

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