Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bobbi Brown long wear Gel Eyeliner

If you read my review of the Bobbi Brown Goldstone eye palette, you will remember that it contained the long wear gel eyeliner and mentioned that I love this stuff. I thought I should let you know how much I love the eyeliners by giving them their own separate review.

This eyeliner is absolutely waterproof and smudge proof. Once you get the hang of application, it just glides on the eyelid. It comes in 16 colors both with and without shimmer (though, the shimmer is very subtle). I am not one for super dark liner with the whole fair skinned / blue eyed thing I have going on, and Bobbi has several shades that work for me. I originally purchased the Graphite Shimmer Ink with the eyeliner brush, as it's more of a gray and I love gray eyeliner (always have). You can make the line thick or thin, but either way this stuff is fabulous. I also think I mentioned before the trick with lining the lower lashes. Fill the brush for the whole eye (you work it in the brush in the lid and scrape the excess) and line the top lashes first. Then WITHOUT refilling, lightly dot the lash line on the lower lid. Much less dramatic, but still enough definition to make the lashes stand out.

There are several other amazing colors - but my favorite is the Black Mauve Shimmer Ink, just looks great with my blue eyes. She has so many different colors, some more intense than others, but all of them are completely smudge free and waterproof. I swim with this stuff on occasionally, and it doesn't budge. Her newest color the Forest Shimmer looks amazing on both Hazel and Brown eyes, so if you want something a little different than black or brown - take a look. Head to a department store like Nordstrom for a demo of the product if you need application advice (I sure did!).

Bobbi Brown can be found at her website, and in department stores:

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