Monday, January 4, 2010

Awesome Drugstore Mascara

As my last tube of mascara dried out (you would be surprised how fast this happens in Colorado), I grabbed a couple of well reviewed mascaras from the drugstore. I thought you might be interested in knowing which ones you can get on the cheap that still rock the lashes.
My mascara requirements:
1. Enhance length and volume
2. No smudges / flakes
3. Super black

L'Oreal Voluminous in the original formula (there are several new options now) comes highly recommended. So many different beauty bloggers and beauty board posters love this product; including my favorite Makeup Geek ( I gave this one a try for a week and found that yes, my lashes looked fabulous. Thick, black and the second coat really enhanced both length and volume. However, I got the smudgies after about 5 hours. I had the tell-tale black streaks on my eyelids just after lunch time. I was pretty disappointed by this since it came so highly recommended. But there it is, it smudged 3 out of 5 days on my super oily lids. If you are drier, this would not be a problem for you. It satisfied 2 out of 3 requirements for me and would probably be great for someone with less oily lids.

I have used LashBlast before and really liked it. This was before my quest for good mascara took me into the previously uncharted territory of Dior, Lancôme and other department store brands. So I thought now was a good time for a second look at this product. I purchased the "Ultra Black" shade previously and remembered that I liked how it looks, so that was my choice again. It has lived up to my expectations. It's not the most lengthening formula, but it does great things for volume. The brush is absolutely great for separating lashes and putting the mascara where I want it (and not where I don't!). The "Ultra Black" shade is a very intense black and it doesn't smudge or flake. It satisfies most of my requirements and is a great general purpose mascara.

Maybelline Define-a-Lash Volume was a semi-random pickup. I loved the Colossal Volum' Express (in the yellow tube) but so-so on the big brush. The brush on the Define-a-Lash looked small and accurate (rubber bristles). The brush is great, but the formula is not. No volume to speak of as far as I could tell, though it did define my lashes nicely. So if you really just want a nice lash defining and slightly lengthening formula, give this a try as it didn't smudge during the day. But if you want Maybelline and you want volume, give Colossal Volume Express a try, it's fantastic for both volume and length. It doesn't smudge either, so all of my requirements were met and enjoyed!

All three brands are available almost anywhere, including your local grocery stores / drug stores and Ulta.

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