Monday, January 25, 2010

Bare Escentuals I Love BE Grand Collection

I wanted to take this week to give you a heads up on a new Bare Escentuals collection that will be airing this week on QVC. I'm giving you a heads up rather than a review because I don't plan on purchasing this kit. Mostly because I'm not using the regular foundation any more (well, I'm using up my last 2 jars); I love the Matte so much. The colors are very pretty and I am thinking about picking a few of them up on eBay.

QVC Showings of Bare Escentuals:
Friday 1/29/09 - 11pm-12am ET
Saturday 1/30/09 -  12am-1am ET, 11am-1pm ET, 3pm-5pm ET, 9pm-11pm ET

The kit will include - Link to Mineral Madness description and pictures:
  • bareMinerals Foundation - Full Size
  • RareMinerals Night treatment - Full Size (LOVE THIS!!)
  • bareMinerals Charcoal eyeliner pencil - new shade
  • bareMinerals Soul eye shadow
  • bareMinerals Heartcake 100% Natural Lipgloss
  • bareMinerals Heart Glimmer
  • bareMinerals Love all over face color
  • Handy Buki brush
  • Contour Eyeshadow brush

The Heartcake lipgloss is a peachy pink shade that I really like and tend to go for when making purchases. This is nice lipgloss, no tingle like the Buxoms and decent staying power. It is fairly moisturizing, so it won't dry you out.

The Love radiance looks like another great peachy pink color. I like their all over colors, you can use them any where. I tend to go for my neckline with these, as I'm a v-neck and scoop-neck shirt fan.

The eye shadows Heart and Soul (cute names!) are a sheer off-white pearl shade and deep rose shade. Also a nice combo here.

I talked about the liner in a previous review here. This is a new shade, and I love charcoal shades.

The night treatment is fabulous and deserves its own review (which is in the works, I just haven't finished it yet). If you have adult acne or oily skin, I really recommend this product. It's also helped fade my rosacea.

That's the scoop I have - history says the Grand kits are usually fairly pricey due to the full size products, so expect it to be around $90 dollars.

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