Monday, January 18, 2010

OPI Suede Nail Polishes

I went into the store looking for a good top coat. I am loving CND Air Dry, but Beauty Brands didn't carry that one, so I will be trying Speedy by CND this time around. However, this is about the OPI Suede polishes. It was after she gave me some line about them "changing" to the Speedy top coat (total lame excuse for not carrying the object of my desire) that I was distracted by the Suede display by O.P.I.

I almost exclusively use OPI polishes, as I find them to be the most chip-proof for my soft nails. I'm always whacking them on things and bending them. Most polishes chip like mad, including OPI's top coat (for whatever reason). So the Suede is something new. It's a matte finish, and you don't put a top coat on it. I grabbed the Russian Navy  as I love dark polishes in the winter. 

The finish is unique. While the polish itself is sparkly, the finish is matte and looks almost textured. I really like the color along with the finish. The nice thing is that it also looks great with a top coat which when the sparkle really comes through. I think this shade will become a staple in both my summer and winter collections since it's so universal and not quite as dark as many of their "winter" shades. It did take 2 coats for the polish to look really good and opaque.

Overall, if you're looking for something different take a look at the Suede line, there are some great shades available. (Please excuse my ugly soccer toes - I just thought you would want to see the finish)

I purchased this product.


  1. Ohhhh, I like it! Pretty and a little different!

  2. I really like it - can't wait to wear this spring, so I can show off the finish in my sandals.


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