Monday, February 15, 2010

Bobbi Brown long wear Cream Eye Shadow

I had never tried, let alone heard of cream eye shadow before I found this product. I had only ever seen powder shadows either in mineral form or pressed in trays. So I started doing research about long wear products for eyes since my lids are so oily and crease-prone. What I found was Bobbi Brown long wear Cream Eye Shadow is the best at put it on and forget it.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow StoneI went to the counter to try this product as it seemed like it needed a bit of expertise in the application area. The makeup artist explained that it needs a stiff synthetic brush for application because of the long wear formula. Fluffy wasn't going to cut it for this creamy stuff. They then did a very simple application of Bellini as an all over color, and Stone as the lid shade. I asked for a neutral "wear to work" look, and this was perfect. I didn't want to buy them until I had walked around the mall for a while to see if they creased or not. If something is going to crease on me it does it quickly, so I just went shopping. They held the colors for me as I did my "trial".

Not a single crease after 2 hours, not even after 9 hours. This stuff is simple, pretty and incredibly hardy. There are 20 shades listed on the website, most of which are very neutral and pretty. some of the most popular colors are Ballet Pink, Navajo and Bone. People use the darker shades like Steel and Slate as lid / contour shades. It requires pretty precise application for multiple shades as it doesn't "blend" like powder shadows. But I use my finger to apply Ballet Pink and Bellini regularly, as I use them for a quick single shades. Powder shadows can be used over them, so if you want a beautiful crease-free base for a powder lid or contour shade - these are wonderful.

The shades are either shimmer-free or slightly shimmery. The newer Metallic line is where the glitz and glam come in to play. These are fun, though I would recommend wearing them as single shades - it's very hard to blend the metallics.

These shadows at $22 can be purchased at Bobbi Brown counters, Amazon, QVC and the Cosmetic Company Store at your local outlet mall. They don't have the latest colors, but will give you a good price on them so I always check there for shades from "last season".

I purchased this product. Photo is clockwise left to right - Ballet Pink, Bellini, Stone

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