Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

Anyone else having serious dry skin this winter? My skin feels crispy almost every day no matter how much lotion I use. Some of this comes from having a complete addiction to fancy scented body washes, the rest is attributed to the Colorado arid climate. Well, I found a new body wash at the drugstore to help combat this dry feeling.

The Dove Deep Moisture body wash with Nutrium is pretty impressive. Usually I get out of the shower and instantly itch. When I'm done after using this, my skin feels much softer and less irritated. I still slather on the lotion, but this takes the edge off and my lotion lasts longer. There is all kinds of science behind the Nutrium - but the bottom line is that it really acts as a moisturizer in the shower. 

The scent is nice and clean, and my husband has taken to using it as well to help fight the winter itch. It's not the foamiest formula, but it does get you clean along with a nice shot of moisturizer. If you don't feel like spending $15-$20 on the "latest" scent, but around $5 on something that works for your skin, I'd suggest the Dove Deep Moisture body wash.

It's available at your local grocery and drugstores.

I purchased this product out of desperation.

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