Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nars Blush

Well, I know I talk about blush often enough and that I don't like Bare Escentuals blushes. But I don't think I've answered the question of "what blush do you like?" The answer is NARS powder blushes. There is just something to be said for a quick swipe of a brush across a palette and then the cheek. No fuss.

I have 2 shades of Nars blush in Orgasm and Outlaw. Orgasm gets rave reviews everywhere you go because it really is the perfect peachy pink shade. It goes with almost every skin tone and looks fabulous on me both in the winter and summer (an accomplishment). It's got some shimmer to it, so if you don't like shimmer - I wouldn't look their direction. I like it, as it acts as blush and highlighter in one. This stuff has some staying power as well and doesn't fade for at least 6 hours.

Outlaw is an awesome dusty rose shade that is low on shimmer. I had a L'oreal blush (my first blush in fact) in this shade for years and it just works with my pale skin. Again, the staying power is really fabulous for any blush (most fade on me after 3-4 hours, so getting a whole day out of one application is amazing).

Now, I will say this - don't shop for blush online unless you trust the website swatches. I purchased 2 blushes through and had to return one of them. Outlaw looked pink on the website, and turned out to be a deeper rose shade. The other one I ordered was what I thought to be rose, and was brown when I  received it. So the colors are misleading. You are much better off shopping in store for blush. I am going to send you to another blog for excellent swatches, no one does a better job of swatching than Karla Sugar. Keep in mind, this is not what I would call "cheap" blush, they run $26 a piece. But the payoff in both color and wear is worth it.

That being said, NARS blushes are available at the NARS website, Sephora, department stores and

I am an affiliate of NARS and Amazon, but purchased this product.

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