Monday, February 8, 2010

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyelid primers are just about mandatory for me if I want to wear eyeshadow. I've already talked about the amazing Urban Decay model, which got me interested and sold on primer. I'd like to talk about another really terrific primer from Too Faced called Shadow Insurance.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer .35 fl oz (11 g)Shadow Insurance is a silicone based primer with a slight skin tint to it. It evens out the color of your eyelids (mine have purple veins - I'm fair skinned, this happens), but is not heavily pigmented so skin tone matching is not an issue. I also like that it is non-shimmery so it just tints the eyelids and preps them for shadow. This stuff, like any other primer is "sticky", so I like to apply a nude shadow over it to start my colors so that they blend easier. 

As for long wear? Yep, long wearing. I did a full test drive of this product on a work trip a few weeks ago. I had very long days, and didn't have to touch up at all after 9 hours. Nothing creased or faded. It also didn't have the tell-tale itch of some of the eye primers I've tested (Smashbox itches for me after a few hours). 

Shadow Insurance is another great primer for eyes. I've got one more eye primer which I think is fabulous and will eventually write up for you (it's from Clinique!). I was tipped off about it by a friend and reader, and you don't have to put it in your travel baggie.

Too Faced is available at their website, Ulta, Sephora, and Amazon just to name a few, and is priced at $17.

I received a sample with purchase.


  1. I'm currently using Smashbox lid primer - the first one I've ever tried. I have to admit that it really does make a difference! When I removed my eye make-up last night, it was all still there! AMAZING! I guess it makes a buffer between my skin and the products I put on my face.

  2. Yep, keeps everything separate and where it belongs. I just love that primers stop the awful creasing and smudging issues I have with oily eyelids.


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