Monday, March 29, 2010

Bare Escentuals Exotic Pearls Collection

As part of the Pearls Auto-Delivery program from Bare Escentuals and QVC, I received my second installment last week called Exotic Pearls.
It included:
  • Exotic Pearl eyeshadow (winter sage)
  • Black Pearl eyeshadow (smoky violet)
  • Big & Bright eyeliner in Plum
  • Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
  • Pearl Blossom blush (pink geranium)
  • Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil
  • 100% Natural lip gloss in 7 Layer Cake
  • 3 brushes - Tapered Crease Defining, Fast & Flawless, Angled Face
I really like the eye colors as they blend well and have a fabulous shimmer. Purple isn't my favorite color but darn if it doesn't look great with my blue eyes and fair skin. The plum eyeliner is also a great shade, better than the black from the last kit. Though, I'm not impressed with the lasting power of this liner. Wore it all day Saturday and by the end of the day it was no longer a line, but a smudge of what used to be there. The blush is a great color - but again, I didn't swatch it because I probably won't use it. I love the pale pink lip gloss, though it really is sheer and has hardly any color payoff. Though, it is moisturizing and feels good on the lips.

The other nice bit of the kit is the booklet with a nice face chart of one look you can create with the colors. These are a great getting started point for the beginner or people like me who like ideas and pictures.

The colors are fabulous for spring and the kit in general cheered me up, because it's just so girly. These are colors I haven't loved since grade school but will definitely be using this spring for fun.

While this kit is not yet available from QVC as a kit, you can probably find it on eBay if you're really interested.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes Eye Liner

I've been picking items out of my stash to write about lately since I've put myself on a bit of a makeup purchase "slow-down". I've been on hiatus, so I don't have anything "new and fabulous" to tell you about. Having written about the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, I thought I would write about one of the other pencil liners that I like.

Enter Make up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner pencils. These are sold by Sephora,run $17 a piece and come in amazing array of colors. Shades are yellow to black to everything in between. I picked one up because I was specifically looking for teal and found the perfect one. They work similarly to the 24/7 pencils but are not quite as creamy. Otherwise, they do last and are waterproof (to an extent, won't run - but don't rub your eyes when they are wet!).
What does this mean to you? Well, they won't apply as quickly and easily as the Urban Decay because they are harder. But they do have great color pigmentation and staying power. They also don't smudge as easily but that wasn't a consideration for my purpose. I like liner in a line, and smudging is for my Shadow Liners.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Laura Geller Bronze -n- Brighten

Spring is trying to make an appearance here, at least it did - until winter gave it a nice smack down yesterday. But it does make me want a little bit more color on my face than my awesome Too Faced Snow Bunny is providing. So I'm back to my favorite bronzer, Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten.

Please excuse my photograph for showing more of the base pan than the actual product. It does prove how much I love this bronzer. It's a beautiful swirl of browns and tans and pinks that when applied looks like a tan rather than a pumpkin. It comes in both a regular shade (shown here) and the Fair which has a bit less of the brown. For me, the Fair would be fine in the winter - but I do get a touch of color in the summer so I prefer the regular shade. It doesn't clog my pores, or look dirty on my skin. For me this is the ideal bronzer almost year round. Obviously, I'm going to need another compact of this product, so I'm shopping for the best deals.

Available at Laura Geller's Website with a brush, QVC without a brush and in a great Starter Kit if you've never tried her products. Laura Geller is also available at the new CVS Beauty360 stores and online.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liners

Out of curiosity, I purchased the Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner 3 piece kit from QVC a while back. I wanted something smudgy and smoky in one swipe. We all know that most eyeliners can be smudged to give a sultry look, but we also know that this requires a little technique and some eyeshadow to get it just right. These liners were demonstrated as a "no-fuss" smudgy look.

I have to give them serious credit. They are really smudge proof once applied. I can attest to the waterproof-ness as well, it definitely required waterproof makeup remover. The kit on QVC comes with a stiff tapered brush that allows a thinner application or a wider line. The formula has a little play time to allow a finger smudge once applied and then it sets. I have the Spotlight and Envy shades which are plum and a shimmery black. You can apply them thinly as a liner using a different brush, but what is the fun in that? The #30 brush makes it so easy to get a smoky eye look without all the mess and work. The plum Spotlight shade surprised me in how much I like it for a less intense look, but still smoky and sultry. The black Envy is very intense and so far, I've only used it for my Halloween makeup. I'm so fair skinned, that it's not fair for it to be in my kit. Someone with darker skin would find this color fabulous and shimmery (Very similar to Sarah Jessica Parker's Oscar look).

Both Sephora and the Smashbox website are now selling these in duo kits, which I find interesting as they have a lighter shade presumably to blend with the darker shade on the eye. I think the real gem of the Shadow Liner is the #30 brush which I don't see sold separately on their website. I see the #15 brush which appears similar, so definitely get the brush with the Shadow Liner - you won't be disappointed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Clinique Touch Base for Eyes

To round out the trio of fabulous eyelid primers, I think we should talk about Clinique Touch Base for Eyes. After my reviews of Urban Decay Primer Potion, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance you should know about this 3rd amazing, yet slightly different option. This "find" came to me as a question from a friend and reader, she wanted to know how it compared to the others.

The answer is "very favorably". This is slightly different that the other 2 eyelid primers I've reviewed here. It's in a cream shadow form and can be worn alone or as a primer. It's a solid - so it doesn't have to go in your travel security 1 quart bag (anything that doesn't have to go in there is like gold in my book). It also comes in 6 different shades depending on your needs as some have shimmer, and some are more matte.

Clinique Touch Base for Eyes Canvas Light
I like that it's a quick application with my fingers and that it glides on smoothly. I find it fairly easy to blend eye shadows over, so I don't go to my nude base shadow as much with this product. It is lasting about 8 hours on my lids until I need a touch up because of fading (and at that point, isn't it time to call it quits anyway?). It creases only slightly and that's after about 5-6 hours on my super oily lids. It doesn't itch and doesn't feel drying, so after several days of use my eyelids are not parched.

Sephora only carries the shade Canvas in stores but has 4 available online, and it's not the best for a fair skinned lady like myself. I've been told the Buff Lighting would be better. I think the best part of this product is the shade selection so it can act as a base, or just your everyday shadow.

Touch Base for Eyes is available at Sephora, Amazon, Clinique and your local department stores.

I purchased this product

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bare Escentuals Rocker Eye Tutorial kit

One of the great things about Bare Escentuals are their kits. I love the kits, and they come in many different sizes and shapes. My favorite eye shadow kit to date is the Rocker Eye Tutorial kit. I have blue / gray eyes, and they tend to look fabulous with gray eye shadows.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Rocker Eye Tutorial, 4-Piece KitThis kit comes with 2 eye shadows, 1 liner shadow and a double-ended brush:

  • 1980s Eyecolor (metallic gray)
  • Rock Star Eyecolor (sparkling smoke)
  • Black Leather Liner Shadow (glistening blackest black)
  • Double-Ended Rock 'N' Roll Brush
If you like drama and fun, this is the kit for you. This is my "Vegas" kit as it makes easy work of a smoky eye. The included brush allows for precision application and the box shows 2 different looks. The Tutorials line includes different looks on each of the boxes so you know what to do with each color. The colors have a lot of sparkle so be prepared for some fall out (have a big fluffy brush handy to swipe it away). I love the 1980's color and sometimes just use that for an evening out without the full "smoke" - it's more of a "smolder". If you'd like to see a full set of pictures check out the Muse here. Here's a picture of me rocking the Rocker Eye (sorry it's not bigger). Love this look.

The kit is available at $38 from plenty of retailers, including Bare Escentuals, Sephora, Nordstrom and Amazon

I purchased this kit, and am an affiliate of Amazon.
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