Thursday, March 11, 2010

Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liners

Out of curiosity, I purchased the Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner 3 piece kit from QVC a while back. I wanted something smudgy and smoky in one swipe. We all know that most eyeliners can be smudged to give a sultry look, but we also know that this requires a little technique and some eyeshadow to get it just right. These liners were demonstrated as a "no-fuss" smudgy look.

I have to give them serious credit. They are really smudge proof once applied. I can attest to the waterproof-ness as well, it definitely required waterproof makeup remover. The kit on QVC comes with a stiff tapered brush that allows a thinner application or a wider line. The formula has a little play time to allow a finger smudge once applied and then it sets. I have the Spotlight and Envy shades which are plum and a shimmery black. You can apply them thinly as a liner using a different brush, but what is the fun in that? The #30 brush makes it so easy to get a smoky eye look without all the mess and work. The plum Spotlight shade surprised me in how much I like it for a less intense look, but still smoky and sultry. The black Envy is very intense and so far, I've only used it for my Halloween makeup. I'm so fair skinned, that it's not fair for it to be in my kit. Someone with darker skin would find this color fabulous and shimmery (Very similar to Sarah Jessica Parker's Oscar look).

Both Sephora and the Smashbox website are now selling these in duo kits, which I find interesting as they have a lighter shade presumably to blend with the darker shade on the eye. I think the real gem of the Shadow Liner is the #30 brush which I don't see sold separately on their website. I see the #15 brush which appears similar, so definitely get the brush with the Shadow Liner - you won't be disappointed.


  1. Oh I need waterproof eyeliner, and I like the smudged look..
    Girl, you must spend a fortune on makeup!

  2. Well, I'm on a spending freeze at the moment, so I'm digging through the bag for past purchases. :) I probably spend more than I should, but if I'm not enjoying the fruits of my labor - then why am I laboring?


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