Monday, April 26, 2010

Burberry Summer Fragrance

My last trip to Sephora ended in a surprise fragrance purchase. I might have mentioned this before, but I'm a complete sucker for Burberry fragrances. I have not met one that I don't like, and these are the only fragrances I've ever "used up" outside of that one Liz Claiborne bottle in high school. 

So when the fragrance sales lady hit me up while I was cleaning tester samples off my hand - I was putty in her hands. She spritzed the two latest Burberry scents for me Burberry Brit Sheer and Burberry Classic Summer. I liked them both. The Sheer was just that, fresh with scent of light peony and grapes. The Summer had me at the get go - warm and citrus with a hint of rose. It was love at first sniff and there was no way I walking out without it. Fortunately I had a bit of left over gift card cash to help me along, though it's pretty reasonably priced at $50 for a 1.7oz bottle.

I know fragrance is a personal thing, but if you're looking for a great Mother's Day gift - I'd highly suggest either of these for the fabulous women in our lives that are our mothers. Neither is overpowering, and both are perfect for summer. My mother has the best garden in town - so almost any scent with rose or peony makes me think of her.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Urban Decay De-Slick Spray

Urban Decay's spring line has some new and innovative products. The first thing I read about and HAD to have was one of their makeup setting sprays. They have several new models that they partnered with Skindivinia to create. Amongst the best setting sprays going are those made by Skindivinia, so to see Urban Decay partner with them to bring these to the masses really is exciting stuff.

I choose the De-Slick model as it's summer coming around the corner and I simply get oilier and oilier with each passing month. This spray is meant to keep the oil at bay and everything looking fresh. I've been testing this over the last few weeks in conjunction with my regular routine.

I've found that it does make my face a little shiny when applied after makeup. I've got my makeup application down such that it's usually matte unless I'm sweating when applying. I give this 2 spritzes and let it set. It seems to bring out the pores I just concealed and the wrinkles I just blended. I don't like either the shine or the pores, so that didn't thrill me. So I started spritzing to just set the foundation, then applying my Mineral Veil over the top. This kept the pores and shine in check without affecting the purpose of the spray.

As for it's oil-control and staying power, I thought it did a pretty good job of controlling the daily oil production. My makeup stayed put slightly longer than usual - but not enough so that I just HAD to keep using  daily. I think it this is more of a special occasion product for me, as the products I use daily seem to do well enough with staying power and oil control. But if you are struggling to find those products, you surely should give one of the setting sprays a try.

The setting sprays come in several flavors all meant to work with various skin types. They retail for $29 and can be had through Urban Decay.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Spring is trying to settle in here in Colorado - though Winter is making it a tough go, woke up to 2 inches of slush on April 7th. I am starting to plan when it's time to switch from my winter "super moist" routine to my summer "oil control" plan.

My current favorite summer tinted moisturizer is one from Neutrogena. I LOVE the Healthy Skin Enhancer in Fair to Light for summer. It's slightly darker than my winter color and controls oil like nothing I have found yet in a moisturizer. It's also highly ranked at Beautypedia and when they like the ingredients, so do I.

This product is SPF 20, which is huge around here in the summer, for sun protection. It also includes a good amount of Retinol and anti-oxidants. This stuff is all good for your skin, and the kind of thing that is in night treatments. I say, why not treat your skin during the day too. 

This product is not "officially" an oil-control product, but for whatever reason, I think it works pretty well at the oil-control game. Granted, I use my primer over it - but in summer I need some extra help and I think this manages just fine.  If you are super-fair skinned, you may have trouble finding a shade. The rest of us will do well with the shades available.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer is priced around $12 and is available at Ulta and your local drugstores and supermarkets. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bare Escentuals Sailor Girls Buxom Babes

Another great Buxom Babes collection for this spring from Bare Escentuals is the Sailor Girls. Yes, I am totally in love with these glosses. So of course I had to break my self imposed buying ban to pick these up. 

The colors described by BE:
  • Mini Marina Buxom (island plum)
  • Mini Skipper Buxom (juicy coral)
  • Mini Misty Buxom (sparkling sand dollar)
  • Mini Sunny Buxom (golden sunrise)
They seem to have a bit more shimmer than the regular glosses without being actually glittery like the holiday collections. I really like the colors included as a real deep coral shade is in this bunch. I have had a thing for coral lip shades forever (my signature lipstick in college was a shade of bright coral) and most of the Buxom glosses are so sheer that the coral factor is diminished. Not with this most excellent shade, so I think Skipper is my favorite.

These are available at Bare Escentuals, Sephora, QVC and other retailers for $28. If you're looking for great summer pocket glosses - give these a try.
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