Monday, May 17, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Greasepaint Sticks

The MAC Cosmetics line has all kinds of interesting and fun products. They come out with new lines almost every month it seems. These items are from the Art Supplies line that came out a few months ago. 

I'm always looking for interesting products and from the reviews I read, the Greasepaint Sticks were really cool and came in some excellent colors. They are billed as eye crayons and seem to have a nice build-able coverage. In other words you can build up the intensity of the color on the eye. 

I picked these up in 2 shades and I must say the color is awesome. I got Dirty and Uniformly Blue, and love both of them. Dirty is a gunmetal shade and Uniformly Blue is an excellent navy. These are fatter than an eyeliner, so are in theory are great for sultry eye. I absolutely loved the color of both sticks.

They also applied very easily, slid on and I was able to blend the color on my lid to get a great smokey look. But they were a complete disappointment in the wear category. They are billed to be water-resistant and long wearing. My oily eyelids creased them after about 2 hours. I tried them on top of my Clinique Touch Base for Eyes the next day, and they creased again. I haven't tried them over my Urban Decay Primer Potion yet - but the whole point was that they were supposed to be long wearing without primer.

Overall, the concept and colors are terrific, but if you have oily lids they don't last. I'll let you know if I try them with my Primer Potion, but I'm currently so bummed out about them that it might be a while.

Available at MAC stores and online.

5/17 - Editor's Note: I tested these with Primer Potion today, and while the primer managed to stop the creasing and smearing - it also made them impossible to blend! My favorite part of them is the blending. So yes, I'm still disappointed and will continue to experiment on how to use them best.

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