Monday, May 10, 2010

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Instant Self Tan

It's self tanner time, at least for me. Spring is no time to be blinding your co-workers and self with exceptionally pale skin. But I'm not a fan of "orange" tanners either, so it's tricky to not look like a pumpkin. 

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy line has a few self tanners, and Instant Self Tan Lotion appealed to me. I've had good luck with the tinted instant dry type of tanners. They look brown when you apply, and tan nicely as opposed to some kind of orange shade. I picked this one up on a whim and have to say I really like it.

It's brown and shimmery when squeezed from the tube. Applies very sheer, but with enough of a tint that it allows you to avoid the standard streaks that come with most self tanner. It gives you a bit of a tan tinge and the scent is a combination of oranges and coconuts. It has very little of the nasty "chemical" smell you get with most tanners. All of this was pretty impressive. Most impressive was the tan I got after a nice full day of wear, not orange and tinted just enough to take off the white glow of spring from my arms. I wouldn't recommend wearing with a white t-shirt or bra because you will get some transfer of the product. Those are safe for the next day, post shower. But for the most part, it dries and does not rub off. Neither is it sticky or slimy. 

Like I said, I was surprised and impressed with this product and think it will be a repeat purchase. Retail price is $12, but they are currently running a special - 2 for $20.


  1. Thanks for the write up. I do self tanner too!

  2. Love self tanner. I just find some of them really scary orange. So I try ones like this and Clinique Self Sun, then use the cheaper ones to extend the color.

  3. i have to use self tanning products because i'm so pale and i DO NOT tan naturally. i just turn into a lobster for a week and then am pale again! i was just wondering what your natural skin tone is? is it very light or more of a medium-med light? just curious as is seems the paler one is, the higher the risk is for turning orange! great review though, i'm going to give this product a shot =)

  4. Kirsten, I'm pretty fair. Not quite the whitest of white, but typical red-head / blonde fair. Usually the 2nd lightest shades on most foundation charts.

    This has never turned orange on me (most do) - always tan/brown. Give it a try and since it's not the most expensive thing - it's worth a shot.


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