Monday, June 28, 2010

Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion

Cover Girl's LashBlast is one of my favorite drugstore mascaras. It's thick and black and builds serious volume on my lashes. They have taken this line and created a lengthening formula and a shimmer formula. Their most recent addition is Fusion which is a combo of the lengthening formula and original volume formula.

I had to hunt for a tube, my local Ulta just didn't have it, nor did Target. I finally found a tube at of all places Wal-mart (which isn't a usual shopping spot for me - but with the new interior re-do, they've certainly eliminated many of my complaints).

I've tried it for a couple days and found it to be a decent mascara for the approx $8 I paid for it. I don't like it as much as the original, but it's pretty good. The volume isn't as good as the original but it does add nice length to my lashes. I still don't love the big thick applicator either - tough to get those tiny lashes with it. But overall this is a good mascara for someone who wants a bit of both volume and length without being extreme in either category.

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