Monday, June 7, 2010

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams

Make Up For Ever is a line at Sephora that always has interesting products. I love their Aqua Eyes eye liner, it doesn't smudge or budge on my oily lids. One of their new products this summer is the Aqua Creams. They come in 22 colors and are formulated for either eyes or cheeks / lips. 

I purchased 2 colors that are for the eyes, shade 21 (turquoise) and shade 3 (silver). These are billed as waterproof and smudgeproof creams. I'll give this to you in 2 categories - the Good and the Bad.

The GOOD - Color payoff is excellent! I love the intensity of the shades and the even color they provide. They are very slick to apply and blend very easily. No sparse pigment here people, just intense color.

The BAD - Oh did they ever smudge and smear. I was expecting great things. Several bloggers gave them the thumbs up, but they must not have oil slicks for eyelids like I do. I thought because the eye liner pencils are so great, that these would hold up just as well. I was severely disappointed. I ended up with a big silver streak in my crease. Not attractive.

In summary - these were a total bummer. If you have dry lids - they will work amazing for you, I even think those with normal skin can make them work. But if your lids are oily, forget it. The whole point of something smudgeproof is for it to NOT SMUDGE. I don't want to use primer with cream shadows, I want them to stick like the Bobbi Brown long wear Cream Shadows. All in all that was a waste of $40. Two excellent colors, two complete meltdowns.

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