Monday, October 11, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains - Photos!

As I mentioned, I picked up a few of the Villains...and they are really pretty great. 

From Cruella de Ville:
  • Darkly my Dear - blush
  • De-Vil - eye shadow
  • Wicked Ways - lip gloss

From Maleficent:
  • Formidable - nail polish
  • My Dark Magic - mineralize eye shadow
The blush is a nice deep rose color, which is looking good with that fading summer color. The De-Vil eye shadow is a shimmery copper color that is also looking great as a fall shade. I've got several base shades that look great with it - most pearly and peachy. The lip gloss was just for fun, and is a terrific hot pink. Looks nice with a raspberry shirt.

The Maleficent shades were largely fun shades. I love the polish on my toes as it's one of those shade-shifter types depending on the light. The eyeshadow is supposed to be a split pink / purple pot. But as you can see, mine cracked in shipping. So it has turned into a nice purple shade for a smokey eye.

Yes, I just picked my favorites, and am very happy with the selections. Nice fun packaging, and great color.

1 comment:

  1. Okay...maybe I'm a little weird this way, but I'm only buying nail polish made in the US and her allies...seriously, my girls put their hands in their mouths so much that I don't trust the Chinese and their polish...could have lead.


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